Recent Calls
Thu. Jun 10th 2021
At 2200 hours crews were dispatched to the area of Foxwood Manor Apt's for a reported MVA with injuries. Crews assisted EMS and 44PD with lighting.
Mon. May 31st 2021
Crews were dispatched to Langhorne Gardens Nursing Home for a reported vehicle into a building with fire. Chief-21 arrived first and reported a vehicle into a building with the driver trapped and a ac...
Tue. May 25th 2021
Just before 1am E-77 was dispatched on the 2nd Alarm to 1606 Farragut Ave in Bristol Borough, the crew arrived and was advised by command to report to the manpower pool. E-7 was relocated to Station-1...
Thu. Mar 25th 2021
At 19:07 hours E-77 was special called on Box#14-55 at 1107 Thistle Street for the dwelling fire. E-77 assumed the RIT position and returned to the Township around 8PM and ran 3 additional assignments...
Mon. Mar 15th 2021
Just after 7am E-77 along with E-244-1 was dispatched to 66 Juniper Drive for a reported vehicle fire. E-244-1 using E-77-1 arrived first and went in service with the front bumper line. E-77's cre...
News Headlines
Tue. Apr 27th 2021
Lets all wish Jim good luck on his ride from San Fran. CA. to Atlantic City NJ. Please follow Jim on his adventure at
Thu. Mar 25th 2021
Longtime member of the William Penn Fire Company Don Haefner has just celebrated his 77th year with the company. Don wanted his picture taken with Engine-77 to celebrate this milestone.
Wed. Feb 3rd 2021
2021 Administrative and Company Officers
Mon. Jan 25th 2021
At the January Meeting of the Fire Company Firefighter Riley Collins from Station-77 was presented his award from 2019. Due to Covid-19 the Fire Company had to postpone our Banquet which caused the d...
Sun. Dec 13th 2020
With these crazy times we were still able to pull off having Santa visit with the kids at the Oxford Valley Station. The kids all had their time slots to have a quick visit with Santa and receive a gi...
Billy Penn
1900 Billy Penn
Wm. Penn Fire Company's 1st Engine. Billy Penn was built in England between 1740''s and 1760's. Billy Penn sits in the lobby of station to be displayed very proudly.
2016 Chevy Tahoe
Unit placed into service May 2016
Deputy Chief 7
2004 Ford Expedition
Car 7 is a 2004 Ford Expedition.
This vehicle is assigned to Deputy 7.
Deputy Chief's 7's vehicle has a 47" Mx7000 lightbar, with a rear led arrowstick. It also features 6 hide-a-way strobes, flashing headlights.
Deputy Chief 7's car has a 24" Havis shields console with Havis shields switchs Panasonic Toughbook Computer.
The Rear cargo area also contains a rear command area, with various hand tools, and a Scba.
Deputy Chief 77
2008 Ford Expedition
Deputy 77's vehicle is a 2008 Ford Expedition.
It contains a 6 hide-a-way strobes and flashing headlights
54" Whelen Freedom lightbar w/ opticom in the center
Red and clear leds on the side front valence, and led's in the side window
Rear whelen dominator arrow stick.
Deputy Chief 77 has a 30" Havis shields console with Havis shields switchs, a vhf radio, Panasonic Toughbook Computer.
Deputy 77 also has various hand tools, SCBA and a rear command board.
Engine 7
2008 Spartan Gladiator/Toyne Engine
Engine 7 is a 2008 Spartan Gladiator/Toyne Engine.
Engine 7 seats 8 personnel and is climate controlled.
Engine 7 has 8 Scott 4.5 air pack fifty's.
It features a 500 gallon water tank, with a 30 gallon class A foam cell, and a 1500gpm pump.
It has 7 pre-connected handline's. Akron Automatic deck gun.
Engine 7 has 1300 feet of 1 3/4" pre-connected, 500 feet of 3 1/2".
1,100 feet of 5" supply line.
200 feet of 3 1/2" to a blitz fire.
200 feet of 2 1/2". 150 feet of 1 3/4" high rise pack.
50 feet of 1 3/4" of supplement hose for high rise bag.
Engine 7 has a complete Whelen Led lighting package, including arrowstick, as well as pre-emption device, and Q siren.
Engine 77-1
2003 Pierce Contender
Engine 77-1 is a 6 man climate controlled 2003 Pierce Contender .
It features a 500 gallon water tank. 30 gallon Class B foam tank.
1250 gpm Hale pump. Engine 77-1 has 6-4.5 Scott fifty air packs.
Engine 77-1 has a 6 preconnected discharges.
Engine 77-1 has a total of 1,000 feet of 1 3/4" hose, 300 feet of 2 1/2" hose. 500 feet of 3 1/2", 200 feet of 3" to a Tft Blitzfire, 1,100 feet of 5" supply line. 200 feet of 1" forestry line.
Engine 77-1 has a 24 foot Extension ladder as well as 14 foot roof ladder, and a 10 foot attic ladder.
Engine 77-1 is Pa Commenwealth Quick Response Certified.
This unit has a Complete Code 3 strobe/halogen lighting package, as well as Federal Q siren, and pre-emption.
2016 Pierce Saber Pumper
Delivery Photo
2017 2017 Ford/Pierce 1000/300 Mini-Pumper
Utility 7
1994 Gmc/Reading utility Body
Utility 7 is a 1994 Gmc/ Reading Utility Body.
This apparatus is used for equipment, and spare personnel.
It has 4 Scott 4.5 fifty air packs, as well as 150 feet of 1 3/4 high rise bag, hand tools, ems equipment. and a little giant ladder.
Utility 7 also is the designated apparatus for the ice rescue trailer.
This unit features a 60" Mx7000 lightbar, and pre-emption as well as a whelen strobe/halogen lighting package.

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